Rico Dobbelaere


Calaignestraat 11

9170 lokeren


BTW BE 0563722131

Phone: 0032 (4) 77546786
Mobile: 0032 (4) 77546786

Homepage: http://www.aldotec.be
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Instructor Level

User Profile Professional

I am an Instructor in First Aid. I learn people to help other people in need.
So I learn the basic skills of helping people in any situations. 
Like CPR,AED,Breathing Problems,Bandage,poison,...,

User Profile Diving Qualification

-Eco Diver
-BOE+ Sidemount
-Level 1 Backmount
-Level 2 Kiss Rebreather
-Oxygen Rebreather (Gills 2.0 Prototype)

-Instructor BOE Backmount/Sidemount
-Instructor Cave 1
-Instructor Wreck 1

-Master Scuba Diver Trainer #275839
-Specialty Instructor Deep,Nitrox,Drift,Drysuit,Night

-Normoxic Trimix Diver
-Full Technical Cave

-Full Cave Diver

-Technical Cave Diver

User Profile Diving Experience

I have been Diving from 2003 and my first certification was an Junior Open Water.
After that I quickle got an Junior AOWD. Then I did an average of 30 dives a year.
When I was 19 I had alot of dives then and I dove with a friend in a stone quarry to 20M.
But like in most Quarry's the dives are black when you look down and there is most of the time no bottom dive.
So It's like most of the time black when you look down.
My friend panicked when he saw no bottom. In his mind he swim down and down when I noticed it I was a little to late. When I got him we were on 35 m. I took him with the rescue gripe and I took him to the surface.

At that time I said to myself I never wanna have this problem again and I want to controle this situations.
So I did my Padi Divemaster And shortly after my Instructor.
That was in 2010.

After a few years I wanted to do technical courses to have more controle on materiaal and theory so I did my Normoxic Trimix diver and shortly after my cave Training with Patrick Vanderstraelen till Technical Cave Diver IANTD.

And then after two years I saw light in the dive federations :p I started to notice ISE.
So I did a couple of courses together with my dad (Alain Dobbelaere) with Achim as a Teacher.


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