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I started my professional diving career in the Singapore Naval Diving Unit (NDU) where I learnt the basics of open and closed circuit scuba diving equipment. I topped my diving course in the military, and that was when my passion for diving started.

I signed myself up for several diving courses to make sure that I continued to have regular dive practices. I met a lot of students like myself who were very excited about learning and diving. From there, practising with them, my passion just grew and grew!

After attaining the necessary proficiency in diving, I started thinking about how I could help others who were interested in diving but reluctant or scared to start. I wanted to show them that the world underwater was beautiful and mysterious! It's like a different world under there. I persuaded many people to try diving, and many have not looked back since! They've fallen in love with the water as I have. Now that I think about how my inspiration to teach people started, I am yet again thrown back to my time in the military where my instructors encouraged us and made us step out of our comfort zone. I'm thankful for their guidance.

The journey to become a commercial DIR diving instructor was long and arduous, but I can say with confidence that it was worth it!!! Together with my current colleagues in ISE, we aim to teach divers a high-level standard of DIR diving. We will make sure that all of our divers are well trained and know all the safety drills...even in their sleep! After all, when you're underwater, safety is the number one priority.

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Electrical Engineering at National University of Singapore

User Profile Diving Qualification

PADI advanced open water

PADI DiveMaster

PSAI Advanced Buoyancy Course

UTD Essentials of Rec

UTD Foundational Instructor Development Course 

ISE Instructor Development Course 

ISE Cave Diver 1

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Dived in Malaysia, Philipines and Singapore

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Fluent in speaking and writing English and Chinese. Fluent in writing German (A2)

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