Project Reef


Project Reef is an international, globe spanning attempt, creating comparable artificial reefs of same size, material and starting time. 

- The Reefs are all started 1st of May 2014. 
- All reefs are formed with 20 bricks from red clay. 
- All reefs are in shallow water (10 Meters max)
- All reefs are documented from the same angle once a week for an entire year
- All reefs are set up legaly in cooperation with the owner of the water / authorities. 
- Additional data is collected over the duration of the project - Water samples, Species counts, a.s.o.

ISE Exploration Centers are the leading force on this project and will lead the way. Other groups or individuals are welcome to join the project. if You are interessted. please contact for detailed instructions and project papers. 


Thanks to our Supporters:

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Title Owner Location Water Type Depth Bottom Temp max Temp min Last Image
Mansion Glyfada Salt Water 7 m sand / rock 28 °C 28 °C Mansion_reef_ise
Reef Fredericia Fredericia Salt Water 3 m Sand 11 °C 11 °C Pict0001
Reef 2 Båtstø Salt Water 8 m sand / rock 4 °C 4 °C Amba0081
Happurger Baggersee Happurg Fresh Water 5 m Sediment 5 °C 5 °C Reef
Sjøflyhavna Fornebu Salt Water 6 m sand / rock 3 °C 3 °C Reefresearch

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