Diving is a fascinating sport with fans all over the world. But sometimes they forget that diving (like any sport) also carries risks. In case of an accident, expenses can mount quickly, and usually have to be paid out of their own pocket. There are not many insurance providers who will meet the costs of treating diving accidents (decompression illnesses) in a hyperbaric chamber. The treatment can be very expensive and many diving bases require evidence of the fact that you are covered in case of a claim, together with a corresponding statement confirming the direct billing facility. In some countries, including Spain for example, divers are not allowed in the water without proof of valid insurance.

If treatment in a decompression chamber is required, the cost can quickly run into the thousands or in some cases even tens of thousands of euros – and that doesn’t necessarily include charges for a hospital stay, accommodation and transportation.

That’s why it’s important to have a partner like aqua med on your side, to handle things in case of emergency – from logistics to assumption of costs.

In addition, Aquamed accepts InnerSpace Explorers' education as well, and divers booking the insurance at ISE will get all personal Aquamed details on their ISE c-card.

You can choose out of three types of insurance: your personal one (dive card basic), for the whole family (dive card family) or also for dive professionals / instructors including a liability insurance (dive card professional).

You can book your insurance online now at our Aquamed partner site.

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