You have to be certified as a diver. 


Divers need to generate awarenes for the environment that they act in and that is highly endangered by polution, overfishing and unresponsible tourism practised on a purly profit oriented base. 

Divers acting in a responsible way, streamline their equipent, master their bouyoncy and trim and have proper fining techniques act as examples and should be role models. 

ISE in Cooperation with TECLINE awards these individuals with the ECO-DIVER Patch, that displays the care & support  of these outstanding divers for our oceans. 

Ecodivers get regular updates and news from projects and events and are among the first to get invited to new projects appropriate for their cerification level. Ecodivers are proudly displayd in ISE´s "Hall of Conservationists" on the ISE Website and the conected Social Sites 


1 Day


Limits are set by the training level of the participant. 


Tuition of min 0 € per student + instructor's travel and diving expenses. (to be shared equally amongst all students)

  • Introduction to Conservation and environmental protection and how this can be implemented in diving. 
  • Equipment review and guidiance of how to improve
  • Check dive with ISE Instructor for Skill review and a "tips & tricks"-Session for improvement
  • conclusive discussion  
  • ECO-DIVER Patch


Location City Start Date End Date Instructor Details

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