ISE strongly believes that skills and knowledge once learnt, have got to be practiced and applied frequently in order to be kept sharp and up to date. Therefore, any diver who earns any particular certification, has got to be active in order to maintain the ability to dive safely at that level of certification. To prevent divers from jumping back into the sport after a long period of absenteeism, and hurt themselves or others, the ISE certification expires after 3 years. Divers will then have to prove their ability to dive at their highest certified level, to an authorized representative of ISE in order to maintain their status.


1 Day


Please refer to the limits of the specific level of certification.


Tuition of min 9999 € per student + instructor's travel and diving expenses. (to be shared equally amongst all students)

Please refer to the content of the specific level of certification.

Please contact the instructor of your choice for more details regarding this re-qualification class.


Location City Start Date End Date Instructor Details

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