Workshop Scooter


  1. Must be a minimum of 16 years of age
  2. Must be ISE BoE certified or equivalent
  3. Must have a min of 50 Dives beyond open water certification
  4. Must be able to swim a distance of at least 20 meters holding his breath


This workshop was designed to show divers the increased fund and the opportunities a scooter offers to them. On the other hand it will show potentional dangers and how to avoid them.


The workshop is held in 2 days and involves 3 dives


  1. Student to instructor ratio is not to exceed 3:1 during any in-water training
  2. Maximum depth 30 meters
  3. No overhead environment diving
  4. No planned decompression
  5. no Mixgas other than 32% Nitrox


Tuition of min 9999 € per student + instructor's travel and diving expenses. (to be shared equally amongst all students)

  • Scooter breakdown
  • maintainiance and repair
  • gasplanning on scooter
  • handling under water
  • towing and emergancy techniques
  • Descent and ascent techniqies
  • flooded scooter
  • Communication while scootering
  • handling on boat
  • t.b.c.


Location City Start Date End Date Instructor Details

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