Eco Diver

"Eco Diver" stands for the ecologigcal corect diver. This is not to be seen as a phrase. This is a demand! Our nature´s demand. We as divers have the duty and responsibiility to fullfill this demand and protect what we love. The aquatic realm - the underwater world an all its inhabitants.

The Eco-Diver idea is supported by the following companies & organisations:   

        SeaLife      ammoVOSTOK


The "Eco-Diver-Program" 

helps divers to hone their skills and become less harmfull for the environment and at the same time learn what you can do to actively help our beloved environment.

The Eco-Diver-Program can be obtained from every ISE Instructor or ISE Exploration Center. The Program is free of charge but we ask a voluntary doation of at least 5 Euros that ISE is donating 100% to a conected organisation taking special care of our beloved oceans. The organisation will chage every year and is introduced in the "Conservation-Section".

ISE Trained Divers are automatically ECO-Divers as they - because of their training have the skills, the knowledge and the awareness expected from an Eco Diver. 

Please note that rental gear, gases or boat fees, etc has to be paid extra and are not part of the program. 


The P.O.N.D. Project  "Protect-Our-Natures-Demands" 

ISE produces movies and presentations about small local waters (quarries, ponds, etc) - their beauty - their ecosystem and the fragility of them - the polution caused, like for example thru plastic trash that is thrwon away carelessly, as well as rare amphibians that vanish after Goldfish and other not domestic species are placed in these waters. InnerSpace Explorers cooperates with schools, kindergardens, universities and other institutions, presenting this work and creating awareness for those fragile eco-systems. 

This is an international efford that was started by ISE Headquater.
Centers, Instructors, Students and interessted Individuals are not only welcome to support this idea but also welcome to participate. Check out the P.O.N.D Site for more information and regular updates!


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